A trademark is a sign through which a specific service or products is known by the public. It covers all the possible range of signs with disctintive capacity
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FAQ - Procedures

What can be registered as a trademark?

From what am i protected by the registerenment of a trademark?

how long the registration lasts?

Is the trademark international?


For the application of a trademark, it is necessary to do a previous search in the corresponding class, in order to see if a similar (or the same) trademark exists. In case the result of the search was positive, the presentation of the trademark takes place and an application number is given with date and time when the presentation took place.

After 60 days the trademark is publicated in a bulletin of trademarks, and there is a legal period of 30 days for future opositions , this means any person can present an opposition if he fells affected by the resemblance of the trademark.

If there´s no opposition, the transaction continues with several studies until the concession, which takes place between 12 or 15 months after the presentation. If there´s opposition, the success of the registration depends on a possible agreement with the opponent.

This agreement can be administrative if it is reached in legal times, which is a year after the oficial notification).